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Our Stance

Commit to New Business Creation and Jointly Shape the Future

We fully grasp the challenges the entrepreneur faces
and commit to support you in new business creation

Venture Investment

We provide stage appropriate risk capital to innovative and creative,
high-potential companies, and assist in value creation through
our support to the management team and for business expansion .

Large scale
We invest in several hundred million yen increments mainly in seed and early stage companies
We make follow-on investments to continuously invest in high potential companies
Business creation
Given that technological innovations will continue to disrupt industries, we invest in businesses that will create the next generation wave of innovation

New investments are in seed-early-stage companies with high growth potential.
In addition to the first round,
we also make investment in additional rounds as needed
for the growth of portfolio companies.
The ratio of portfolio companies receiving additional investment stands at 47%.

Ratio of seed-/early-stage companies in JAFCO's new investments
Average investment amount per company
*VC industry figures are taken from Venture Enterprise Center's "VEC Yearbook 2023"
*JAFCO's figure is based on new investments made in FY2023/3
Ratio of additional investment in SV4
Example of additional investment
Case study 1
Case study 1
※Background graph shows revenue trend of major business segments
Large investment per company is possible by investing intensively in companies with high growth potential. Additional investment according to growth stage and necessity allows acceleration of business growth.
Case study 2
Case study 2
※Background graph shows revenue trend
We also invest in university-initiated ventures and commercialization of research results of universities and research institutions mainly through the Investment Group for Academy & Life Science. Mainly targeting areas with high growth/ market potential, including medical equipment, healthcare, material, robot, and AI, we support companies taking on the challenge to apply innovative and creative management solutions.

Buyout Investment

Based on our venture capital DNA and our commitment to supporting
growth, we work with management teams through various deals to help
them achieve capital independence and business expansion .

We identify promising businesses for investment leveraging our extensive venture investment experience
Business Transformation
We deploy cutting-edge technology to support business transformation and growth
We place great emphasis on building trust and respecting the corporate culture of each of our portfolio companies
Incubation Business creation-type investment designed to achieve core technology and industry innovation
Growth Growth acceleration-type investment focusing on hidden growth potential
Spin-off support / Carve-out Spin-off support-type investment providing support to gain independence from parent company
Spin-off support/ Carve-out
Delisting Investment involving desilting of shares
Business rejuvenation Business rejuvenation support-type investment
Business rejuvenation
※Examples of portfolio companies in each category
Case study
Case study
We take the initiative in planning and leading strategies, system renewal and organizational improvement according to the growth stage of portfolio companies.