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The world is at a major turning point. Efforts are being made to address fundamental issues, such as sustainability, climate change risk, individual well-being and work styles, etc. Main players in this process of finding new solutions to various social issues are startups and entrepreneurs. They go beyond existing constraints and common sense to solve issues by leveraging new technologies.

Venture capitals work together with stakeholders to create a future that lies beyond the businesses of startup companies. JAFCO Group practices the essence of ESG investment by responding to entrepreneurs with sincerity and diligence, investing in companies capable of addressing social issues, and committing to their growth.

Since establishment, we have trained many venture capitalists and expanded our scope of investment to include overseas and buyout investments, in addition to domestic and venture investments. Our consistent approach of working closely with entrepreneurs, and our expertise and network that promote growth have been created by continuing to invest under any circumstances. In 2018, we introduced a partnership model, whereby individuals also invest in funds, to further increase our commitment to the growth of portfolio companies.

We will continue to capture changes and take on the challenge with entrepreneurs to realize a sustainable future.