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Apr. 1973 Japan Associated Finance Co., Ltd. (JAFCO) established with capital of ¥500 million
Feb. 1981 Osaka Branch (later Kansai Branch) established
Apr. 1982 JAFCO established Japan's first venture capital partnership fund
Nov. 1982 Nagoya Branch (later Chubu Branch) established
Oct. 1983 Fukuoka Branch (later Kyushu Branch) established
July 1984 JAFCO America Ventures Inc. established in San Francisco
Jun. 1987 JAFCO shares traded on the OTC market
Apr. 1988 JAFCO issued ¥13.5 billion in European depositary receipts, and capital increased to ¥9.4 billion
Mar. 1990 NOMURA/JAFCO INVESTMENT (ASIA) LTD. established as a joint venture with Nomura Group
Jun. 1992 JAFCO issued $200 million of dollar-based CBs in Eurocurrency
Aug. 1997 JAFCO changed its formal name to JAFCO Co., Ltd.
May 1998 Established the buyout investment department
Mar. 1999 NOMURA/JAFCO INVESTMENT (ASIA) LTD. became a 100% subsidiary (renamed JAFCO Investment (Asia Pacific) Ltd in July 2000)
Jan. 2001 JAFCO listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Sep. 2002 Beijing Representative Office established
Dec. 2007 JAFCO registered as a financial instrument firm (the Second Financial Instruments business and Investment Management business) under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
Nov. 2008 Shanghai Representative Office established
Jun. 2015 JAFCO made the transition to a company with board-audit committee
July 2017 Acquired and cancelled all shares held by Nomura Holdings and Nomura Research Institute (27.8% of outstanding shares)
Aug. 2017 JAFCO Asia (Shanghai) Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd(China-based subsidiary)established
Mar. 2018 JAFCO introduced the partnership model to its business structure
Mar. 2019 JAFCO Taiwan Capital Management Consulting Corp. (Taiwan-based subsidiary) established
Oct. 2020 Changed the company name to JAFCO Group Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2021 The Chubu Branch and the Kyushu Branch office were merged into the Kansai Branch, which then changed its name to the West Japan Branch