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Fueling perpetual growth; investing in bold visions

Over many years of investment experience, JAFCO Group Co., Ltd. ("JAFCO" or the "Company") continued to invest in new challenges of companies and entrepreneurs, based on its conviction that continued investment leads to the realization of a sustainable society. As issues surrounding the global environment and the global economy become increasingly complex, the Company will create a cycle of new growth and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by making bold investments in challenges that create new value and committing ourselves to their growth.


Commit to new business creation and jointly shape the future.

Since its establishment, the Company has supported entrepreneurs in creating various innovative products and services. The Company's mission is to open a new era with its stakeholders by committing to creating new businesses needed in the society. In realizing its Purpose, the Company will continue to work towards our mission which incorporates its desire that has remained unchanged since its inception.


Own it and see it through

Private equity investment for us represents a collaborative effort involving our portfolio companies, limited partners, and shareholders. While shouldering this responsibility, we believe that engaging with entrepreneurs and business owners who have dedicated their lives to creating and nurturing businesses requires that we engage with the utmost resolution and determination. We will be proactive in all we do, driven by our personal resolve, taking responsibility in every challenge and difficulty, and persevering until the end without giving up.

Move faster, dive deeper, reach higher

In order to consistently achieve excellence in this rapidly changing world, it's important that we strive for continuous growth and avoid imposing limitations on ourselves. By maintaining a forward-thinking mindset, discerning the essence of situations, and carefully evaluating all available options, we will strive to reach new heights and improve our capabilities.

Draw on differences to ignite creativity

In order to create greater or entirely new value, it's essential that we bring together the various strengths both within and outside of JAFCO. By valuing the unique experiences, perspectives, and wisdom of our members and leveraging these differences to their fullest extent, we will build a robust organization ready to achieve the next success together.

Be pioneers, stand for integrity

We have weathered the storms of the world time and again, even before venture capital gained prominence in Japan, forging our own unique path with a pioneering spirit. Upholding this frontier drive, we will fearlessly and with unwavering integrity, continue to embrace new challenges in developing new markets.

Policy and Strategy for Achieving JAFCO's Purpose and Mission

The Company aims to achieve its purpose and mission by making venture/ buyout investment through funds. To better clarify its commitment to entrepreneurs embarking on new businesses and fund investors, the Company will further increase competitiveness by enhancing its organizational strength accumulated since inception and introducing the partnership model whereby individuals also take management responsibility.
The essence of the Company's business strongly matches with the concept of ESG investment. The Company will incorporate ESG factors into the entire investment process from identifying high-potential companies aiming to solve social issues to investment exit, including supporting their growth through post-investment engagement. The company will boost competitiveness and corporate value by contributing to sustainability through business growth of its portfolio companies.
In realizing its purpose and mission, the following strategies will also be implemented.

01. Highly selective, intensive investment and management involvement

To create new businesses, the Company will narrow down investment targets and make bold investments in companies with high growth potential. It acquires influential stakes in its portfolio companies and accelerate their growth through deep management involvement.

02. Sustain improvement in fund performance and increase supply of risk money

To secure sufficient investment capital, it is vital to achieve sustainable improvement in fund performance and steadily raise funds from outside investors. The Company will promote the circulation and expansion of risk money by sharing returns, resulting from the growth of its portfolio companies, with fund investors/shareholders, which facilitates fundraising for a new fund.

03. JAFCO as "Co-Founder"

During the startup phase of a portfolio company, the Company is required to be a "Co-Founder" rather than an investor. It aims to become an organization where each employee and the Company as a whole can play an active role as a "Co-Founder" by passing on and developing its spirit, expertise and experience that it has built up since establishment