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If you are seeking funding opportunities in the U.S.A., please visit:
JAFCO America Ventures


If you are seeking funding opportunities in China, Taiwan, Korea, India and Singapore, please visit:
JAFCO Investment (Asia Pacific)
Office Locations and Contact Information
Contact information (Addresses, TEL & FAX ) of Head Office, branches and subsidiaries worldwide

Business Development Support

Business Development Support for Overseas Portfolio Companies invested by JAFCO America and JAFCO Asia.
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Apr 4, 2014 IPO
Mar 26, 2014 IPO
Mar 14, 2014 IR
Mar 12, 2014 IPO
Mar 6, 2014 IPO
Feb 13, 2014 IPO
Feb 7, 2014 IPO
Jan 24, 2014 IR
Dec 19, 2013 IPO
Dec 19, 2013 IPO
  • JAFCO wishes to extend our sympathies to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
    Our thoughts are with the victims and our hope is for a rapid recovery in the region.

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