Questions about Shares

  • What is the Company’s ticker symbol number?

  • 8595

  • When are the record dates for dividends?

  • March 31

  • When is the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held?
    When are financial results announced?

  • Please refer to IR Calendar.

  • Where can I find the Company’s share price?

  • Please refer to IR top.

Questions about the Company

  • When was JAFCO established?

  • April 5, 1973

  • When did JAFCO list its shares?

  • June 1987 on the OTC market (currently JASDAQ market)
    January 2001 on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • When did the Company change its name from Japan Associated Finance Co., Ltd. to JAFCO Co., Ltd.?

  • August 1997

  • Where are the Company’s domestic and overseas offices located?

  • Please refer to Access.

Questions about Business

  • I’d like to know the structure of investment limited partnerships.

  • Please refer to Fund Management.

  • In which venture businesses has the Company invested?

  • Please refer to Companies.

  • Is there a list of IPOs of investee companies?

  • Please refer to IPO List.