Management Policies

Key Management Policies

The JAFCO Group’s management philosophy is “value creation through private equity”. Based on this philosophy, we aim to strengthen our profit base and contribute to the development of the global economy through the implementation of a “private equity investment value chain”.

Medium-to-long-term Management Strategy

The JAFCO Group aims to implement a four-stage “private equity value chain” with the aim of building a profit base that is adaptable to changes in the operating environment while steadily boosting profitability and achieving sustainable growth.

The first stage in this chain is the creation of risk money through the establishment of new funds. We will continue to establish new funds to inject risk money into the dynamically changing private equity market.

The second stage is investment. This involves the building of a balanced portfolio on a global scale consisting of companies of various sizes and growth stages through a combination of incubation investment, investments in venture and midsize companies, and buyout deals.

The third stage involves boosting the corporate value of investee companies. Through our proactive business development support, we contribute to the establishment of an operating base and business growth.

The fourth stage is achieving the most appropriate exits. JAFCO aims to maximize capital gains by selecting the most suitable exit for each investment after taking into consideration market environment and investee business performance.

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