Corporate Profile

Management Policy

Business Philosophy

The business philosophy of JAFCO Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) is “value creation through private equity”. The Company aims to contribute to the society by encouraging corporate growth and industrial regeneration and creating new value.

Business Strategy

The Company aims to achieve sustainable growth by maximizing its fund performance through the implementation of the four-stage “private equity value chain” as outlined below.

Private Equity Value Chain

  1. Creation of risk money
    The Company establishes new private equity funds to secure a large pool of investment capital essential to capturing high-potential investment deals.
  2. Intensive investment in carefully selected companies
    The Company builds a portfolio through selective investment in high-potential companies of various sizes and growth stages, including incubation investment, investments in venture and midsize companies, and buyout deals.
  3. Business development support
    The Company provides support for building a business base and improving corporate value through its proactive involvement in the management of investees.
  4. Promotion of suitable exits
    The Company aims to increase capital gains through IPO, M&A and other optimum exit strategy for each investee company.

The Company establishes private equity funds and receives fund management fees and success fees, while also committing its own capital to the funds to earn returns on investments.

Therefore, maximizing fund performance through providing value-adding support for investee companies directly leads to increases in the Company’s profit and corporate value. This allows the Company to establish new funds and secure additional investment capital.

The Company believes that the establishment of a “private equity value chain” is in the interests of all stakeholders of the Company and would provide a benefit for the entire society.