Corporate Profile

Message from the President

Digital revolution, which causes drastic changes in global industrial structure, is accelerating at a high speed after a running start. It is changing the fundamental mechanism of existing industries and creating new industries. In Japan, high potential startups are emerging in numbers, and young entrepreneurs who lead the next generation are increasing rapidly.

Since establishment, JAFCO has moved forward with cutting-edge entrepreneurs. In addition to a number of venture capitalists with broad experience, we have accumulated abundant resources and built extensive networks to foster growth of portfolio companies. Capitalizing on these strengths, we become involved in management from the business concept stage and commit to boosting corporate value of portfolio companies. With a view to achieving our mission of “Commit to new business creation and jointly shape the future,” we will dramatically switch our business structure from corporate model, on which we have based since inception, to partnership model. With a mindset of “Co-Founder” rather than an investor, we will continue to rise to the challenge with entrepreneurs.