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Message from the President


Radical shifts in industrial structures triggered by digital revolution are taking place worldwide. The internet is widely used in various sectors, changing fundamental mechanisms of existing industries. At the same time, new industries are emerging. In Japan, a number of high-potential startups have been officially launched not only in the Internet space but also in highly competitive engineering and manufacturing sectors and at universities. The number of young and promising entrepreneurs is clearly rising, and for them, launching your own business is an intriguing, or “cool” experience.
Amid such environment, the target of venture investment has widely shifted to startup companies. In addition, corporate venture capital has also soared, intensifying competition for startup investment.

Since establishment, JAFCO has grown with leading-edge entrepreneurs. In addition to a large number of experienced venture capitalists, we have accumulated rich resources and networks to promote growth of portfolio companies. We raise their corporate value through deep involvement in management from the business conception stage and commit ourselves to business development with entrepreneurs.
JAFCO will play an active role not only as an investor but also as a “Co-Founder” based on our vision of “Team of Entrepreneurs.” Pursuing our mission of “commit ourselves to new business creation and jointly shape the future,” we will continue to open up new frontiers with challenging and pioneering spirit with entrepreneurs.